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Please download and sign a workout waiver before attending any class. Payment or payment form along with waiver must be sent before membership or class booking is started. Click Class Sign Up to book an in person class. 



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We offer Yoga, Dance Cardio, Boxing, Barre, and HIIT

Yoga Fire: Build inner strength, a calm and focused mind, flexibility and core strength. Combining Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, and a lot of focus on core work makes this class the perfect workout.  

Yoga Restore: Deep breathing practice, slower movements, and holding poses longer, and focusing on deep stretching makes this class the best way to recover from hard workouts and rejuvenate your mind in the middle of the week . 

Yoga Mountain: This class is much like Yoga Fire with a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa practices. The difference will be a strong emphasis on balance poses upper and lower body, plus leg work. 

Yoga Water & Fire:  Feel free and revived after this practice. Here we focus on a relaxing Vinyasa flow and incorporate yoga poses with twisting, back bending, and core work.  You will feel a sense of energy by releasing back and hip tightness, increasing blood flow, and digestion. 

Zumba ® Fitness Class:  Cardio Dance your way  in shape with Latin, Bhangra, Hip Hop, and more. Burn calories tons of calories while working out in a party atmosphere!

Strong Nation ®  Class: This new HITT ( high intensity tempo training) class has the science behind the workout. Push it to your limits with interval training with cool beats designed for each move.

 Boxing 30:  30 minutes of cardio kickboxing. This is an awesome workout! 

Barrelates : Barre class that includes yoga, pilates, and kickboxing movements. Elongate and tone muscles and get the body you want with this full body workout. 

Glutes and Abs: 30 minute class targeting the glutes and abs done in Tabata style. This workout is done in short intervals of each exercise getting your heart rate up and burning tons of calories. 

Insane Abs:  30 minutes of pure core work. We focus on trunk flexion, obliques and rotational work, planks, and back extension.